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Do you have an amazing idea for a panel, lecture or quiz related to Korean popular culture? Would you like to share your passion and thoughts on K-pop related subjects to an audience of like-minded people? Suggest your idea to K-CON Suomi by sending an application to the Program Coordinator according to the instructions below!


The application period starts on Monday, the 5th of Feb, and ends on Sunday, the 7th of Apr. Every applicant will receive an answer as soon as possible after the application period. All chosen applicants will get an event ticket for free and enjoy the snacks of Green Room.


What are we looking for?


K-CON Suomi is a convention targeted to people who are interested in K-pop and Korean culture. Therefore, your program should also be related to these topics. We highly encourage you to apply with a new program idea, but all applications will be evaluated case-by-case. If you have held the program suggested before in another event, you may still submit your application! In such a situation, it is recommended to find new perspectives to the program. If needed, te Program Coordinator will gladly help with developing ideas.


Want to host a program but can't think of a topic? Explore ideas through your own interests. Are you passionate about nugu groups? Present interesting facts about them! Are you a fan of historical K-dramas? Give a presentation on Korean history through K-dramas! Previous events included K-pop quizzes, basic Korean language lessons, talk shows about Korean reality programs, exchange experiences in South Korea, and discussions on minority representation in the K-pop scene etc.


You can also ask for advice and ideas from the Program Coordinator Satu via email at ("Call for Programs" in the subject line). I'm happy to brainstorm ideas with you 😊


Programs can be max. 45 min, but shorter programs are also welcome. Programs can be in Finnish or English.


Instructions for submitting a program:


Note! These instructions do NOT apply to performers or dance programs (e.g., workshops, Random Play Dance)!


Send your program idea to, "Call for Programs" in the subject line, and include the following information in your message:

  • Name(s) of the presenter(s)

  • Presenter(s) name(s)/alias(es) for the program pamphlet

  • Your previous experience (have you, e.g., given a presentation at a con/school before?)

  • Program (work) title

  • Program type (lecture, panel, workshop, or something else? NOTE: this search does not include dance programs)

  • Description of the program; planning doesn't need to be final at this stage, so introduce your ideas boldly!


Feel free to send any questions related to programs and the application to our Program Coordinator at  "Call for Programs" in the subject line).

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