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K-pop Suomi ry was founded on January 20, 2015. It’s a Finnish registered association whose objective is to be a foundation to the k-pop community on a national level. The association has grown in numbers and as a community over the years and we aspire to evolve even more!

Next event:

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  • Chairperson: Anna Wallin

  • Vice Chairperson: Elina Routi

  • Treasurer: Marika Kohtamäki

  • Secretary: Erika Lampi

  • Annika Kallio

  • Jenni Kitinprami

  • Ida Seluska

  • Miki Soini

Contact us:


K-pop Suomi ry was founded on January 20th, 2015 by six K-pop fans. Since then association has held K-CON events for fans. We’ve also expanded our activity in February of 2017 by holding the first K-party. In the spring of 2018 the association expanded even more and held the first multilingual K-pop Rookie Battle. We have also worked together with many other associates. 


Why was it made?

K-pop Suomi ry has a goal to work as a foundation for the Finnish fanbase of Korean music and bring these fans together. For this we aim to arrange diffenrent kinds of events and other activities for the fans.


The associations goals from the start has been to spread awareness about K-pop, increase the enthusiasm, strengthen and highlight the good and welcoming atmosphere of the fans of K-pop in Finland, as well as bring out new opportunities concerning Korean popular culture. In the past seven years we have grown in community, mentally and in numbers, and even tho members and organizers have changed, we still have the same goals. The future is bright and we aim to evolve even more!

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