K-pop Rookie Battle is a dance competition for beginners by K-pop Suomi ry in collaboration with Halcyon Dance Crew. It is held for the first time on Saturday May 5, 2018 at Kulttuuritalo Fanny in Vaasa. The competition has two categories: one for groups with 3 or more members and one for solo dancers and duos. 7 contestants fits in both series (groups and solos/duos). If it seems that we get more applicants than that, must we pick the I finalists based on the dance videos. Application period ends on Sunday 1.4.2018 23 o’clock/11pm, and finalists will be announced within a week.


Book your ticket to see K-pop Rookie Battle! Bookings are being taken a limited amount, so fill in a form to make sure you make it in because the rest will be sold at the door. Booked tickets will be redeemed for 6€/pcs at the doors of Fanny which will be opened at 14 o’clock. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after booking the tickets. Ticket booking will be closed latest on Friday 4.5 at 23.59. 

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