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Application form for the artist alley can be find here (link open in a new window).

Opening hours of the artist alley during the event 

The artist alley application is open 
4.3 - 31.4.2024

Apply to become a K-CON Finland 2024 artist alley vendor! You can apply alone or with a friend. The application process requires you to submit a free-form portfolio with your application.

The price of the artist alley table is 40€, which includes the table fee (15€) and the price of one entrance ticket (25€). If you apply together with another artist, the price is 65€. If you are bringing sales assistants, please ask the assistants to buy a ticket for the event separately.

Artist alley vendors will be able to come assemble their tables one hour before the alley opens. More information about the entrance will be sent to selected vendors at a later date.

For all questions regarding the artist alley, please contact the K-CON Finland artist alley manager:

In the K-CONartist alley search, we will give particular priority to the following:

1) The suitability of the works for K-CON; we are looking for artists whose works represent the main theme of K-CON (Korean music and Korean popular culture). Fanart from current series and Kpop groups is always a positive addition to the applicant's portfolio. 

2) Variety of work; in order to ensure a pleasant experience for those visiting the alley, we also favour artists whose work features a variety of source materials or a diverse range of products.

3) Technical expertise; we expect products to be of good quality and finish.

Who is selected and how?

We will select 8 artists for the artist alley. There is no first-time quota, but new artists/artists can also apply, as the selection will be based on portfolios. In the application process, the selection is made by a jury together with the artist alley manager. We will evaluate each applicant's portfolio on a scale of 1-5 in three different categories. The averages of the scores are added together and used as a guide for the selection process. However, final decisions are made by the manager of the artist alley. 



  • A storage container for change.

  • Reserve enough change. We also recommend that you use card payment or mobilepay.

Your booth:

  • Everyone is responsible for the products they sell at their table and their pricing.

  • It is advisable to plan your table arrangement at home by displaying your work on a table (about 80 x 120cm). 

Your products:

  • There is no age limit for visitors at the con so please do not bring NSFW material to the event.

  • AI art: only self-made art can be sold at the con, so selling AI art at the event is prohibited.

  • Please price your work clearly and prominently. 


  • Remember to eat and drink.

  • Keep your surroundings tidy and take your rubbish to the bin at the end of the day.

  • If for any reason you cannot make it to the event or wish to cancel your spot at the art fair, please contact the artist alley manager at

  • If you do not cancel your reservation and do not show up, you will still have to pay your table fee. If you notify us in time, someone else can acquire your table.

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