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K-Pop Bileet Marilynissä torstaina 13.04.2023! TaoTao on avannut lipunmyynnin kide.appissa, joten käy ostamassa lippusi täältä: TICKETS

Lipun hinta on 4€ ja voit esittää 2 biisitoivetta ostamisen yhteydessä. Musiikista vastaa k-partyista tietty DJ Cute Cheese! Tapahtuman teemana on kevät (봄 BOM), pinkki ja liila, joten pukeuduthan teeman mukaisesti🌸 Tapahtuma on K-18.

Alla lisätietoa ja TaoTaon terveiset englanniksi 💜

TaoTao Student Club Ry proudly presents: K-Pop Party 2023!✨

Welcome to our 봄 BOM (spring) -themed party where purple and pink hues rule💜💗 Organised in collaboration with K-pop Suomi ry and Night Club Marilyn, this year's party will be amazing!🐼🌸

We will have a night full of K-Pop party hits presented by Dj Cute Cheese. Better yet; everyone who purchases a ticket in advance can make TWO song requests with the ticket survey (request made after 26.03.2023 cannot be processed)*🎶

In addition to great music, we will have:

💕Dance performances by Valar DC and Sugarrush

💜Meme hunt: Find memes hidden at the club; the fastest contestants win a prize!

💕Neon face painting for those who are feeling brave

💜Cuuute 봄 BOM themed drink by Marilyn

💕Sparkling picture wall

The fastest people at the door will receive a party-themed overalls badge (haalarimerkki)🐸

Dress code: overalls (haalarit) and/or purple & pink 봄 BOM 🌸💜

* No song requests will be taken during the night as there will be a large crowd.

Last year's party was a huge success, and this year will be no exception! See you there!🫰

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